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Dr. Dino!

2.99 usd

>Take care of 8 different dinos and help to cure them. >8 different hospital scenes! 28 puzzles & games! >Cute animations and Dino Stickers as Rewards! >Cool physics games! >Understand body structure! >No AD and No IAP! Play with Dr. Dino, be a doctor! Kids can do: Fill teeth, Check Vision & Colorblind, Injection, X-rays and joint broken bones, Check-up, and etc.
Dino Hospital includes 8 department: Trauma & Emergency, Orthopedics, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Gastroenterology, Physical Examination and Ward. Every department contains several fun puzzles and mini-games. There are 28 puzzles & mini-games supply for your choice.
Hurry up, Doctor! Dr. Dino needs you! It's so fun and fantastic!
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